Better ERG controls in companion app

Have read others struggling to work this out but want to add my tuppence -

The ERG controls in the Zwift companion app are INFURIATING

I turn off ERG mode to do a 10 sec max effort - I then go to tap the button which now bafflingly says “incline” with arrows - at this point I’m trying to get back to a comfortable cadence and power, so instead of going back into ERG, my desperate tap increases the incline for me.

Not only that but when I finally tap it in the right 2mm of screen that swaps it back to ERG, it takes a while to engage ERG and doesn’t change appearance until it has, so I end up turning ERG off and on OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

By which time I am fighting for breath and the next effort is coming up.



Button 1 (BIG BUTTON): ERG , States:3
State 1: ON
State 2: Initialising
State 3: OFF
Behaviour: toggle between state 3 and state 2. State 2 changes to state 1 when engaged. Change is immediate

Button 2: INCLINE, States:2
State 1: Unavailable (greyed out)
State 2: Available (arrow buttons)
Behaviour: when ERG is off, set to available, display buttons to change incline. When ERG is on, set state to unavailable and prevent change

Please, please, please change this, cherry on top.

This same thin happened to me on my 1st workout after my 1st ftp never saved the ftp result!

2 major issues when we use Zwift to increase fitness.

My 1st experience was not the best but I do get to do the ftp test again so thats more fitness for me

Please fix these two issues!

We need a 2 toggles for erg = on/off and the incline options.

Please with some more cherrys on top!