Turning off and on ERG mode using iphone

Hello All

I have searched all over and cannot find a simple answer. I use the iphone zwift app to run my workouts (HDMI to tv to see bigger picture) plus I have the companion app but when I swipe up while riding the blue bar does not show the ERG button to toggle on and off. I can see the camera icon, the turn around icon and others but no ERG. please help

In the Companion app you need to go to the Workout page. Located there is a button that says ERG On. Push and hold and it will change to Incline. Push and hold again and ERG On returns.

Thanks for the reply but I do not see a workout page in the companion app. Do i need to be riding to see the workout page? I have the regular zwift program app (orange) and the companion app (blue) and not really sure how they work together.

You can only use ERG during workouts.
Select a workout in Zwift, start your workout.
Now you can turn on/off ERG in the companion app.

Thanks I knew it was something simple but just could not figure it out