ERG Mode Switch (during Workout)


The current method for deactivating Erg Mode is to stop pedaling for approximately 5 seconds (I believe!?)

In some Workout scenarios, especially those with Sprints, I would love to be able to use ERG mode for the warm up / cool down but then simply switch off ERG mode for sprints and short sections of active recovery.

I have found that ERG mode will re-engage quite nicely - so we probably do not need an “ON switch”. But other riders may want that?

Ideally, if this could be added as a button on the Mobile App (similar to “Pause” and “Skip Block”)?


Any thoughts?


Note: I am using a Kickr Snap with BLE via Mobile App to Windows PC.


A toggle or keyboard shortcut would be pretty cool, I think. I’ll ask our devs to consider it.

Thanks! - I guess this might also fits in with recent discussions/updates about 3 second power averages in Workouts with ERG mode. The addition of an ERG mode toggle allows the rider to have a more satisfying workout experience that they can control over.

Did this happen?

HI Guys,

What happened with this request? It would be very useful and I think it is not difficult because Zwift already do it every time we stop pedaling (disabling ERG mode) and allows for Smart Trainer to recover ERG mode (enabling ERG mode).

It is just toggle ERG mode DURING activity, on or off, that’s it!

Please do it! :slight_smile:


Don’t know this will ever been fixed… for some short HIIT erg mode doesn’t help at all…

I’m connecting to my cycleops hammer via ANT+, I figured that if I connect via bluetooth through my mobile device erg mode seems to disable itself… kind of a hack… but it should do the trick for now…



Guys, if it’s not in the release notes, it hasn’t happened yet. It’s on a very, very long list of things to consider. Things you may consider easy aren’t always necessarily so.

Easy, in paired devices in menu, unpair controllable device

I’ve seen 3 suggestions similar to this that I love:

  1. In-game toggle - toggle it on and off using (for example) ZML or the basic user interface with a shortcut
  2. Set it before a workout to be enabled during certain workout blocks and disabled during other workout blocks
  3. Enable a way to set it so that it only is enabled for “workout blocks longer than <your choice> time periods”

Any of these would be great. 

They have sneaked this in already… I’ve found this by change… on your keyboard need to press up key and then navigate to the ERG option using left or right to turn it on/off.