Restore ERG mode manually via keyboard or phone app

I know there’s a feature where if you stop pedalling you drop out of ERG mode when in a workout, to allow for those situations where people can’t get through an interval if it’s too hard. Two points;

  • Firstly, it’s way too sensitive. If I pause pedalling for about a second it’ll drop out of ERG mode (I’m on a KICKR but I also have a stages crank arm and am using cadence from that). It would be nice if there were a longer timeout before it drops out of ERG mode. An example is where I just get started on a 10 minute warmup and realize I haven’t switched the fan on. I end up having to try and stick to the warmup power levels manually, which is a bit of a pain because as they ramp up there are no audible alerts or anything so you can miss them (there are power changes before you reach an arch in the warmups and cool downs).

  • Secondly, it would be nice if after it dropped out of ERG mode if you could just hit a key on the keyboard or a button on the phone app to restore ERG mode. Seems so obvious I’m wondering if I’ve just missed it !

The key should toggle off/on as well, would be useful like you say when struggling on a workout to drop erg mode but continue peddling.

i like the idea of hitting a key or using the mobile app to turn ERG on/off at will

Indeed, as I was reading Richard’s feature request all I could think of is why isn’t there always a toggle switch to simply turn ERG mode on or off. And then I saw Russell’s and Michael’s followup comments requesting the same thing. :slight_smile:

I was pleased to see an update in the app for this request. Erg mode will now auto re-enable if you resume pedalling at or close to the required wattage for a few seconds, which is great.

Yep! Me too. In fact, on last night’s ride, while in workout ERG mode during the warmup, I realized about 10 minutes into the ride that I had forgotten my water bottles. So, I hopped off the bike, ran downstairs, grabbed my water bottles and returned to my workout. After a few moments Zwift told me to remain steady and that ERG would be reengaged. And it worked! Moreover, I was thrilled when the end of the warmup session came and I still received a golden star for my efforts.


Auto reset or keystroke to reset ERG.

It seems in my situation, I’m not riding in ERG mode during warmup or cool down., only during the workout. 



When would this be ready? I hate to close de PC app only to get it on again… I’m sure I’m not the only one claiming for this…

An option to restore ERG mode from the app would most certainly be appreciated.

Not sure I understand the last few comments here. ERG mode already be restored just by riding at the required wattage for about 10 seconds. My post from November last year was to confirm this change had been implemented and was working well.

Richard, the ERG reset may have been implemented, but not well.

I have a few rides where ERG was dis-abled. When I returned to the required wattage, ERG mode was not functioning as one would expect. I confirmed this by taking a close look at the power traces in Golden Cheetah. Before ERG was dis-abled, the power trace is very tight, within +/- 2 watts of prescribed power. After restarting, the power trace is very loose, +/- 10 watts or more and never tightened up.

Zwift tech requested the .txt files and are looking at the anomaly.

Another request is that “ERG enabled” is flashed on the screen.


I see. I havent seen any issues like that with my kickr. It continues to hold within 1 watt of the target after resume. Maybe there’s an issue with some trainers and not others.

Well, in this case …No news is bad news…