ERG Mode not coming back on

Hello, i’m having trouble with my ERG mode. I was doing a workout and stopped pedaling during a cool down section as I needed to retrieve my towel. It flashed up that the ERG mode had been turned off.

Should it come back on by itself?

I was turning on and off in the menu but it wouldn’t come back on, am I doing somthing wrong, will it come back on after ‘x’ seconds or do I need to do something?

Would be an idea to add an icon on the screen indicating if ERG mode was on or off?

Get up to target wattage in resistance mode, then ride as smoothly as possible for 5 seconds and then and only then switch to ERG.

Keep it steady for another 5 seconds and you should be golden.


Thanks for replying, i’l give that a try tomorrow :+1:

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