Ability to toggle ERG mode on/off in ZML

Can we replace some of the buttons in the ZML app with an ERG mode on/off button?



Cool, I’d like this too.

During warm up/cool down I like to stretch a bit, fiddle with my shoes, adjust the fans etc so I’m regularly dropped out of ERG mode. Also, in longer training blocks I might like to stand for a couple of seconds every now and again just to shake any numbness out of ‘you know where’.

Sure, it re-engages automatically (which is great btw) but it’s a bit annoying dropping out and in again. It some circumstances would be cool to tap out of ERG, do your thing, back up to cadence and tap back in.


An extra feature could be ‘Toggle ERG mode for this block’ during workouts. This would help for my warm up and cool down whilst automatically retaining the feature for the meat of the workout.

ERG does not toggle off in workouts. Even if I attempt to turn it off, I still get ERG type performance on hills - easier going up, harder going down. Gradient slider at 7/8 setting makes it quite noticeable.