Workout back block buton

Would love to see a “back” button for workout mode.  

It’s frustrating when the ERG mode pops off in the beginning of a 5 part interval - and you have to do the entire set using gears vs. smart trainer.  I could skip the block to get ERG to turn back on, but I would love to have a button to go back and re-start or a button to get ERG to turn back on.


I would love to see a button named “ERG mode ON/OFF”

I definitely vote for this one. I accidentally hit the Skip Block button during a key workout as I was frothing away on the trainer and it kinda ruined my workout because I had no way of undoing what I had just done.


Happened to me today. I was 10 min from completing a 90 min segment ! Suggest a tap + hold. Like the u turn.

This also happened to me. I accidentally hit the skip block button, and it ruined my workout. The net result for me was two (2) separate workouts… first workout contained my warm up and a few intervals. The second workout had the main set of intervals and the warm down - I had no way to Sew those together. 

I would think that would be trivial to add the <| feature to ZML and Zwift menu bar.