ERG mode on workouts

Bit of a beginner questions here. I am looking at completing workout number 4.
One of the comments I’ve seen are:

On a smart trainer, this workout is best done with ERG mode off for the hard efforts. This enables you to give 100% without the trainer interfering

Some of the shorter intervals at 10sec is there any point even turning ERG mode off as I am guessing there would be a lag in turning ERG mode on and off.

For short efforts it’s best to just leave it off and then use your gears to nail the recovery sections.

Hi Terry,
I leave ERG on myself. I did see a number of other Zwifters suggesting
to turn off ERG but I felt it would be easier just to let my trainer do the
thinking, whilst I did the sweating.

It all went ok. I completed each section.
I did think of switching it off, but I didn’t want to mess up 1 section on
what would be for me, an experiment.

I’m sure that Zwift and all the other Zwifters know better than me though.

“Ride On”

The Zwift Academy coaches recommend using ERG mode for the workouts. There are some “free ride” segments, where ERG will shut off and you have to use gears to give max power on those. But for the other intervals, let the trainer do the power calibrating for you and just focus on good cadence and breathing.


Thanks Leah. I trialled having it on and off in yesterday’s workout.
Having it on, as you mention just need to focus on cadence, whereas with it off I’d have to focus on power and cadence (and power being smooth within the target range for that interval)

I did notice that on the pop up messages prior to the harder intervals, it recommends turning ERG mode off.

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Yep, the coach will jump in and tell you if you need to toggle it off. Or for the free ride segments, it will turn itself off for those intervals.