Zwift Academy Workouts ERG or No

Obviously the baseline and finishing rides are not as the group rides as well, will most of you be doing the workouts with or without ERG on?

I typically do all of my workouts with it on because I love how it holds wattage and I never seem to have major cadence issues but after listening to the zwift podcast I’m not questioning that approach.

Which Zwift podcast? I am curious and would like to hear the discussion. Ty!

Zwift Power Up Podcast

Hey @EvanT!

ERG vs SIM mode has been a debate since smart trainers were developed, and it really comes down to personal preference. As long as you’re hitting the numbers and are keeping things under control during the workout, do whatever you like!

I hope you enjoy the rest of this years ZA! Ride On!

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Erg mode all the time. No hiding then, you have to produce the power required.

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