From Erg to Sim... to Erg?

Friends, I am enjoying the Sim mode of Zwift immensely; however, there are times during my ride when I could use a little more precise control over my wattage.

A question: How can ride Sim mode and then enable Erg when the time is right? Is it s easy as doing say, a 200wattage workout and then disabling and enabling erg mode?

Also, if this can be done, can the set wattage, say 200, be increased or decreased manually?

Thanks so much for your time, and I truly hope you are all having wonderful days!

You could create a custom workout for the desired power, then just activate the workout during a freeride as required. When in ERG, you can adjust intensity on Companion App - think it recently got changed to +/- 25% of power target.

A lot of people seem to ride around in SIM mode during free-rides with pace partners etc so not uncommon it seems.

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