"Cruise Control" workout-style erg mode during free ride

Maybe I’m doing a free ride but I’d like to incorporate a little bit of erg-mode riding with fixed power, like in a workout session – as in, for the next 10 minutes I want to ride at X watts without having to think about it or pay attention to it.

It would be cool to just get to that power level and hit “cruise control”, and have the system go into erg mode like in a workout, holding me at that power level until I disable it or stop pedaling. Maybe – like with cruise control in a car – I could have +/- keys to tweak the power level too.

What do you think?

I like this idea :+1:
I’d vote for it, but for whatever reason, I can’t (since my account was banned & restored, there are some glitches with my account behavior) so accept my support in this limited way :wink:

Hi @Christopher_Solar_74

I have a few workouts for different zones that I can just jump into when I want to do what you suggest.

Just press E and select the workout from your custom workouts.

That’s interesting – and I didn’t know I could do that – but it’s not quite what I’m thinking of. If I press ‘E’ and pick a workout, I’m now locked into it. I can’t leave without ending the ride and re-starting Zwift. Right?

I’d like to be able to just pick a power level and hold it there for a while, without leaving a free ride.

No you can just skip the blocks using TAB and continue your ride.


Oh – right. I’ll give that a try.
Still, it would be nice to be able to just do it on the fly, but didn’t know I could flip in and out of workouts during a ride.


Copy the workout in the workout screen, rename it to whatever you like, remove the Free Ride section/s and put in a Zone 2 at X watts in its place. THEN when riding the workout you can Turn OFF Erg and be riding as Free Ride whenever you desire. You can also adjust the grade with the up/down on the Companion App when Erg is off. So this is doing it in reverse :slight_smile: