ERG mode for free ride

When in free ride mode (and not a free ride workout segment), it would be great if there was an option allowing you to simply dial in an ERG value so you can lazily sit at a comfortable power output on the bits of virtual road that lie between the sprints and/or KOMs.

The only way you can do this at the minute, is to know roughly how long it will take to ride to the next sprint/KOM, and create a short workout (I have several workouts - of varying lengths and wattages - to cover this scenario).

You can create a workout at you comfortable power output and then turn ERG off for the sprint.

When creating a long workout break it up in smaller blocks. My long Zone two workout consist of 12 15minuite blocks. That way you can ride to the end of a block when you run out of time and not loose XP for not completing the whole workout.


EDIT: If I start to this workout in the winter regularly I would shorten the 15min blocks to 10 min.

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We need a cruise control button just like in our cars that can hold a set wattage utilizing ERG mode. It could be placed with the existing buttons on the bottom of the screen or in the companion app, as soon as you hit the cruise control button, whatever wattage you are currently producing gets set into ERG mode until you hit the button again to turn it off.


Yes, please, we need this. Look at the Wattbike Hub where you in erg mode change the wanted watts with shifting buttons.