Hold/start 'free ride' blocks at previous ERG mode power

Not sure whether I can describe this accurately, but hopefully someone else can translate for me!

Let’s say I am doing a workout like the Zwift Festive 500 ‘12 spikes’ session. It has 3 blocks of overs/unders and at the end of each one, there is a 1 minute ‘free ride’ block.

If I am on ERG mode, then the trainer controls the resistance outside of the free ride block. In the free ride block, ERG disengages.

The problem with this is that - depending on where you are in the Zwift universe - your free ride segment is pot luck in terms of your incline, and therefore affects your power and cadence.

As an example from my ride yesterday: 3 ‘free ride’ segments, each one following a 2 minutes @ 195w block:

Free ride segment 1 occurred when I was on a 4% uphill, so I had lots of resistance to push against and could really hurt myself on the free ride

Free ride segment 2 occurred when I was on a 5% downhill, so no matter how hard I spun/pushed, I could only hit 160w and was spinning out.

I think that ‘free ride’ should be consistent across a workout, unless the whole workout is a free ride, otherwise it defeats the premise of that free ride blockout, which is to go as hard/soft as you want.

So, what I would propose is that for a ‘free ride’ block WITHIN a structured workout, it shouldn’t just disengage ERG mode but should default to, say a 0% incline, so that each ‘free ride’ block is the same.

Does that make sense? Obviously, free ride as in ‘Rider’s Choice’ is totally different, as there is no erg mode in the same way.

The free ride block should not depend on the terrain. (There is a override to use the terrain but not a lot of workouts use it)

But you can use the ± button on the keyboard to adjust the resistance in the free ride or you can use the incline button on the companion app

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Thanks for your reply. Maybe I was just unlucky enough to be on one of those workouts - it just seemed to render the free ride blocks a bit pointless!