Reagular watt/% in workouts

It should have been possible to adjunkt up an down the watt or %ftp in workouts. like trainereoad or simular apps.

Definitely. Some days you just can’t push your best numbers and if that happens then currently you have to abandon the workout or pause it to try and recover before you end up in a 10 rpm grind!

Thats my problem to…
so for so long I have to use a other app for my workouts to get what I need of options:/

Jupp! That would be a very good improvement in zwift workouts, to have a possibility for adjusting watt up or down.

A big YES!!

This has been suggested many times. Please vote up the existing suggestions so Zwift knows what the users want.

yes we need this, if you have a good or bad day you need to add or remove power to get the best out of you