More control over targets in workouts

Workout feature is great, but it needs one little but very important improvement:

In Zwift, the wattage target is too wide for my taste, it works with a unique number and allow for + or – xxx Watts. Because it’s too tolerant, this affects the efficiency of the workout.

We need more control over the targets, instead of a unique target number; we should be able to set our own low and high target (in FTP% or in Watts).  This is the way most program like Today’s plan or PrefPro works.

This is not a difficult improvement to make, but it’s an important one, if Zwift wants to be a serious training tool.


Other interesting improvement would be ability to import ERG and MRC Workout files

If you try the ftp test, it tells you your average watts during that period.

Every segment should have that. The failure when over-powering a segment is ridiculous. You never know if your average watts were 250 or 300 when your shooting for 275. It’s a very simple fix. Yes, I can review every segment on Strava, but it takes a lot of time and doesn’t work with segments under a minute.

Come on wift, STEP UP!