Workout mode suggestions / annoyances

I just started out with Zwift, overall the experience is quite positive. Although there are some things (in workout mode) that need to be improved imo. For reference: ftp is 300 and I do the winter program.

  1. Target wattages are always at the very top of the zones. For endurance my target is set at 220W (73.3% ftp), for tempo it’s 265 W (88% ftp). Seems a bit excessive to me.

  2. Not able to see wattage targets before entering a workout (so it’s hard to adjust for point 1)

  3. When you take a break in the middle of the block erg mode is turned off for the remainder of that block. 

  4. For single leg drills the target watts is set way too high. My target was 220W, which comes down to 440W for dual leg power. That’s almost 150% of my ftp. 

Ditto. I’m also having a good experience.

On single leg drills, target is 2x what it should be in week 1, day 3.

FWIW, the target looks correct on week 3, day 3.