Workout showing low power targets

For some reason, the power targets in a workout is extremely low. You can see in the photo that the workout had a warmup of 5W and “bursts” of 15W. Then ZWIFT naturally tells me to reduce power because my output is above 150W.

Am I reading/understanding this incorrectly or is this an issue? This is my third workout on ZWIFT. My first two showed sensible power targets like 150-250W for example, but I can’t manage to fix this issue in new workouts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Carlyle_D_cruz

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Did you check that your FTP did not change

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Thanks Gerrie.

How do I check that?

Edit: I found that my FTP is 9 in my Public Profile.

That’s to low.

You can do a quick ramptest to get a more accurate number

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