Trainingplans with very low watt.- do not understand

Hi all - i am new to Zwift - did the tutorial training and want to start a training plan - but when i chose a plan it shows some very low watt numbers. example start with 2w for 7 min then @5w for 2 min - is this a bug in my zwift (running on apple tv) i use a Tacs trainer - whed i did my FTP I was cykling with 130-140-150W so - is it my not understanding the plans or can anyone help ?

That’s undoubtedly a bug or glitch of some sort - the power levels should be based on your in-game FTP. This can be seen and edited on your settings screen so try changing it and see what happens…

Your FTP can be seen in the Workouts section of the Menu. You’ve probably accidentally set it to a ridiculously low value. It’s a slider on the right of the screen.

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Hi Steve - i was showing 126 ? but when i slide it up to 133 - then the trainings seam to show more realistic watt goals during the training. so thanks for the help all

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