Training Peaks power vs Zwift erg mode power

My coach defines my workouts in training peaks, which I pull into Zwift and ride on a kickr. The required power in erg mode within zwift is higher than my coach defined in TP. If my interval is supposed to be 220 watts in TP, Zwift will require 280 watts. Is there a power scaling setting within Zwift, that I haven’t been able to find?

Hi @Michael_Tharp

Is your FTP in TP and Zwift the same?

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I’m not sure, ill have to check. If 180 watts is defined in TP, does it see that as “180” or “180/ftp”? Same question for Zwift. If they both see the specified wattage as a percentage of ftp and the ftp is different between TP and zwift, I could see that making a difference.

Zwift workouts are based on %of FTP. So if, for example, your FTP is 200, a workout interval at 80% is 160W, where as if your FTP is 300 the same workout interval would be 240W, so your FTP being off between Zwift and Training Peaks can cause major changes in your workout results.

My ftp in tp was set to 200. It was set to zero in zwift. I have changed that. Ill see what happens today.

Let us know if that fixes it!

It seemed to have worked. Thank you.

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