Target Watt Range in workout mode?

I plan to create some Zwift workouts in my Garmin, and I’m wondering if anyone knows what the target “range” is for a typical workout target. Zwift workouts list a single target for each segment of their workouts (i.e. 248w), but in Garmin you have to list a range.

For example, if I do the SST (med) workout in Zwift, it will list a target wattage of 248w for a given segment … I’m wondering how much above and below 248 is still considered within target? 248 plus/minus 5%, 10%, etc?

Thanks in advance for any help!


I don’t have a definitive answer but it should be easy to deduce by doing a workout and observing the power at which you get the “Increase Power!” and “Reduce Power!” messages for various segments.

From memory it’s 25W either side of *my* FTP sweet spot segment in Jon’s Short Mix but I couldn’t tell you if that’s an absolute or percentage.

Hi Kevin!


Our workouts allow a plus/minus 5% variance in the wattage target. 

Thank you!


It’s definitely more than 5%. With a 145W target I can do at least 160W (+10%) and possibly even 165W (+13%) without any warning to reduce power. From memory the message kicks in at 170W.

Hello Zwifters, for me the question still open! 

If I have a structered workout from Training Peaks by Threshold Power, Which is the range considered by Zwift without a ERG mode to run? Which are the protocol?


Is much more than 5%…