ERG mode 3 watts lower than target

Anyone else seeing their watts being 1-3 watts lower than the target in a workout using ERG mode?

I’m using a Kickr Snap (latest firmware) with 3 second power smoothing turned on.  But at lower wattage Zwift consistently says I’m 1-3 watts lower than what the work says I should be riding at.  110 watts target is consistently 107, 150 target it consistently 148, etc.  At about 180 watts this goes away so it’s not a huge deal.

Any ideas what might cause this or how to fix it?



Exactly the same for me! 

I was doing a workout earlier with a target of 193 watts and I couldn’t get it move from 190/191 upto 193. I get the same issue with 3 sec power display and Instant.

It is a bit frustrating not being able to match the target although I still get the star for completing the interval correctly.

I’m using a Tacx Vortex Smart with an Apple TV 4K.



Any difference with no smoothing?

I would think that a 1.5% difference is pretty good. The trainer has to constantly adjust for difference in cadence and the power that you generate.

Try to turn ERG off (very easy with the new Companion app) and see if you can hold the required power within the required range.