Jumping Watt values

Good evening dear community, I’ve been using Zwift for a few years. Unfortunately, the watt values jump for me in ERG mode. It wasn’t like that before. I’ve tried a lot, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to solve the problem. For clarification I have attached a picture when it still worked and a picture from today.
I would appreciate tips on how to solve it.

Hi @Robin_W, welcome to the forums! You probably can’t post pictures yet, you need to post a few times to earn that ability.

I’m guessing that your ERG mode smoothing was turned off recently so you are seeing some variability in your power. Did it used to look completely flat and even as if your power was exactly perfect during workout blocks? If so, that is ERG smoothing.

What type of trainer are you using?

Please tell us the details of your setup.

Thanks for the fast response. I use a Tacx Flux 2 Smart (T2980) and

Zwift on my iPad.

Is there a setting on the tacx app for ERG smoothing or something similar?

looks normal

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or there is a setting in Zwift for 3 sec average power display, maybe that was changed? Check your settings menu in the game.

Sadly there is no ERG-Modi on the Tacx App. The Power Display ist on average 3 sek.

It doesn’t look wrong, how does it feel? If you increase cadence does the resistance back off to match your new cadence?