Recent ERG Mode Change?

I’ve been using ERG mode for workouts.

Several weeks ago the power level tracking seems to have changed.

  • It used to roughly approximate the set power level. If I slowed my cadence, for example, the power level would show a decrease for a bit before it ramped back up to the set level. Or, I could sprint, and the power would increase for a bit before coming back to the set level.

  • Now it sits at the set power level with almost no impact from me changing cadence.

It’s fine that it’s doing this. But I’m curious if it’s just me, or did ZWIFT change the ERG mode recently to more directly manage the power level. Maybe I changed a setting or something. (?)

Which trainer are you using? Could be a firmware upgrade on that trainer that caused this.

Tacx Neo2T + Apple TV4k

Mine still fluctuates if I suddenly change cadence. What trainer are you using?

I have a Wahoo Kickr '17. It may be firmware. I know I did a firmware update some time in the past few weeks. That might have done it.

Sounds about right.
you can always reach out to Wahoo support. They have excellent support and might give you feedback if their latest firmware update changed this feature.

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I just checked my Wahoo Utility, and it said I was in ERG Power Smoothing mode. I switched that off and will see if that fixes the problem.

Just as an FYI - power smoothing doesn’t actually change the fluctuations in the power you are producing; it merely smooths what you see after the fact when you look at the power graph. Neither is good nor bad; just what it is, and what you prefer.


Finally confirmed today that turning off power smoothing worked. Interesting that it just smooths the graph not the actual power. It feels different … harder … when I see the fluctuations.