Power fluctuating in workout SIM mode

Just completed it. The other 5 workouts have been really fun and tough, but this one was just annoying.

I rode at avg cadence of 99 on the first 4 min @ 365 W during the warmup while on erg mode, everything fine and dandy.

Going into the final 4 min test when the program switches to slope mode, I held a steady cadence of 99 but the power was all over the place bouncing from 250-450 W. Take a look att my power file from that segment…

Really annoying!

Hi @Karl_Ericsson_G33K_C
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We have a troubleshooting guide for ERG mode that addresses known causes of these fluctuations.

I looked at your most recent session logs on our server, and see that your iPad is running the latest iOS v.13.3.0, and your game app v.1.0.43801 is also the latest version. What the logs don’t tell me is the firmware version on your Wahoo trainer. You may want to see if updating the trainer firmware might address this issue.

Also consider performing a spindown test to help with power dropouts on the Kickr.

Would you loop back and let us know if either or both of these fixed this issue for you?

Thanks @shooj I’ll check it out and report back