Power issues and heavy pedals

Can someone help please??
I have a new Wahoo Kikr.
I’m doing workouts on Zwift but quite regularly (almost all the time) the pedals get so heavy I can barely turn them. It’s extremely inconsistent. When I’m on incline of say 7% my cadence could be 100+. Then it drops to eg 40 and would remain like that on the flat.

As for power, it will never get anywhere close to what I should be going at. A 230w interval and Im only hitting 80 at parts in power. It shoots from 80 to 150w and back down to eg 58w. All over the shop!

Help!! Please.

Thanks in advance

Have you eliminated the issues being with the Kickr etc .
i.e does the same thing happen in another platform ( such as the one provided free by Wahoo)

  • sorry I dont know what that software might be as I use Tacx , but the symptoms you post are something that could be caused by a faulty trainer ( or power connector) .

Are you using ERG mode with the structured training workouts? Sounds like you are experiencing the “spiral of death”.

Also, make sure you set up the trainer with the wahoo app, do a spin down, update the firmware, turn on ERG mode power smoothing, choose tire size, etc.

I didn’t try wahoo or another workout outside of Zwift. Will do so. Thank you :blush:

Hi Mike.
Yes I have the ERG mode on. Regularly during a workout I get the message “Erg mode temporarily deactivated”.

Did the Spindown initially when calibrating. Tried it once more and couldn’t get near the speed required due to the heavy pedals but I’ll look again and start from scratch.
Thanks a mill.