ERG-Watts are extremely volatile - I am lost!

Hi all,

i have a Elite Suito-T since couple of weeks, and I really enjoy riding on swift couple of times a week.

Unfortunately, the ‘ERG-Mode’ for Workouts does really not work quite good, the displayed Watt-line looks horrible. The riding/feel itself is actually okay, to the extent I could judge this… (of course, I experienced already death-spiral etc.).

But my issue is clearly the extremley volatile Watt line / figures, as you can see below. My friend did the same workout with a wahoo kickr, and receives each time super flat Watt figures.

Meaning, if the workout asks me to push 300 Watts for 2 minutes; and I am keeping a stable cadance of 95 or 100; the Watts jump around +/- 80 at least, sometimes even more…

I did activate in Zwift the “3sec. average”, even though it does not feel like the activation/deactivation of this setting changes anything. To me it does not look like an average Watt, looking at the line below. I really cannot find a solution no where regarding this issue… Is the device/trainer just defect, or can anyone help me out with a magic trick how to fix this??

Many thanks!

The KICKR has ERG smoothing applied - His true profile will look a lot like yours, but the smoothing makes it look pretty with flat lines.

Link to help: ERG Mode Explained: The Myth of Smooth Power Lines - SMART Bike Trainers

though looking at your profile, that does look a little jumpy… Might be your cadence changes might be a few other things, hard to tell from a graph

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Have you looked in the Elite training app, to see if there is a power smoothing option for you? By default it’s 2 on my Direto, but 10 gives much smoother ERG workout graphs for intervals more than a few seconds.

The value is the number of pedal strokes used to smooth the raw power numbers.

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Thank you both very much!!

@Lee, could I provide any data or other screenshot, which might help you to draw other conclusions? - my cadance was in each Watt-phase as stable as possible for me :slight_smile: - for sure not perfect, but I guess not much worse compared to what my friends are capable of, and their Watt-Lines look super straight…

@Steve, I will try to find something like this. Is such setting part of the ‘elite app’?

It’s in the Elite app configuration section, same page as calibration.

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I only have following options, maybe it does not exist for the elite suito

That’s the correct page for where it shows in the app for my Direto, it’s the next option after circumference for me. I don’t know why the Suito T doesn’t have that option, sorry!

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I suggest speaking to Elite support about this.