Erratic watts

Hi. I have an elite suito. During workouts my watts are very erratic - let’s say I’m targeting 200 watts, my output bounces all over the place every second from say 175 to 230. My girlfriend uses a Tacx vortex and her power stays as flat as a pancake. I am a much more regular cyclist than her so don’t think / hope it’s not me that’s the issue! Are such erratic readings normal? Or is it because my trainer is more accurate? Or perhaps is it because my trainer (only 3 weeks old) is not working correctly? Thanks for any advice…

I have the same trainer, which arrived today.
I’m experiencing the exact same issue. ERG is unusable. When starting a workout the resistance on the trainer is extremely hard and the power fluctuation is ±100W

Is this perhaps an issue of power smoothing? It’s natural for “instant power” to fluctuate since power varies over the pedal stroke, and there’s no way the rear hub can tell how to average over a single pedal stroke (unlike crank-based power). I wonder if different trainers use different averaging.

Elite claim it’s because the trainer is very accurate…but then they would wouldn’t they. They provided me with a detailed explanation about power fluctuations (happy to send on if you’re interested) which kind of makes sense, but I’m still not 100% convinced, partly because of how much the power varies and how frequently - within the space of a couple of seconds I’ve seen swing up to 100 watts - but also because of the cadence variations when I’m pretty certain I’m pedalling at a constant speed.

My girlfriend has a Tacx Vortex. OK, so it’s a wheel on and less accurate, but I can hold almost perfectly constant power and cadence on that pretty easily. My friend has a Kickr and his power curves are pretty flat.

Re smoothing - I get the same experience using ERG and SIM. The 3 second smoothing doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

I’ve looked at workouts of other people I follow and some are smooth, others are erratic. I was also sent a youtube review of the Suito by Zwift (where I bought the trainer), and in it the guy’s power is all over the place too.

So I really don’t know what to think. Maybe it really is that the trainer is very accurate/sensitive. Then again, maybe it’s just not right. My issue tho is I now don’t really have any confidence in it and it’s getting in the way of training as I’m constantly being told to increase/decrease power/cadence…

i haven’t experienced issues with the resistance, just the readings, but having read other comments on this forum it seems other people are having those problems too. That makes me worry it’s only a matter of time before I get them too. I’m on the verge of returning the Suito, but that’s time, money and hassle…

I have a tacx and since the last update my watts are jumping too. The more power the bigger the percentage jump.This makes workouts difficult and hill climbing almost impossible in group rides so you lose the group.

@Andy_Golding I just bought the Elite Suito and have the same problem.
Did you manage to fix it somehow ?

I’ve had a suito for about 6 months. I’ve recently started noticing the same thing. It wasn’ before. Did anyone get to.the bottom of this???

Hi, was anyone able to solve this issue? Have the same problem with my new Flux S connected via BT to my tablet.
Watts jumping in ERG mode +/- 5%. On my tacx Vortex, I never experienced this problem. Smoothing did not solve the problem.
Will try connecting Zwift via Ant+ the next session and see if this makes a difference…

Same issue from my side.
Impossible to fix…
I just sent a message to tacx.

Update: yesterday I connected only my Garmin Edge via Ant+ and did a saved workout in ERG mode - worked as expected. Power was pretty much constant +/- 2-3W which is normal.
Therefore: seems to be either a BT problem (was using my tablet connected via BT when I rode an zwift) or a Zwift problem…