Elite trainer ERG mode doesn't work correctly

Hi Guys, since about a month during workout on ERG mode the power is much lower then set up on training plan and due to that fact I have to switch on incline mode. For example interval block has 200W and on ERG mode I can ride max 150W. Elite Direto XRT. Have someone had such issue and know how to fix it?
Thanks on advance for help.

A few times in the last few weeks, I have had to toggle ERG off and then back on in Companion App before it worked at the beginning of a workout.

What happens when you test ERG mode in the Elite app? (And check for firmware updates)

Where are you seeing that the block is supposed to be 200 watts? Is that while you’re in Zwift, riding the workout? Or is it outside of Zwift just looking at the workout? And is erg mode putting you at a lower power for all intervals, or just some?

I guess I’m wondering if the issue is that your FTP is set lower than you think.

It is in Zwift and ZC ridding the workout and power is lower for all interwals. In previous season I finished build me up training plan on ERG mode and all was fine, the issue is since about a month.

Indeed, in the beginning I did the same and it worked but unfortunately it’s not working anymore.

What gearing are you riding in? Some trainers have watt floors/ceilings. If you’re not already doing so make sure you’re somewhere in the middle of your cassette. Front shouldn’t matter to much.

But just to make sure. When you start a workout in erg mode. You see 200w in the left bar for the current interval but while peddling it won’t go above 150w? Do the watts fluctuate or is it a steady 150w?

It was matter of elite firmware update. Thanks for the advice.

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