Customizing workouts

Is there a way for the workouts to adapt to my fitness level?  For example, the workout calls for, say, 3x3 min at 245 watts.  That is somewhat arbitrary; what if 230 watts would be better…or 275 watts?  Can I either override what the workout is suggesting, or have the workout respond to my fitness level in some meaningful way?

Michael Raynor, Yes as your FTP on Zwift goes up, so does the power of each interval level/warm-up/cool-down etc.

So you either need to update your FTP on Zwift or get a new best power number for 20min, ie upping your FTP Value.

You can also manually change your FTP up or down as needed and this can be done during the workout too.

Hi Michael,

If you feel like it’s too high you can press key “E” and change the FTP value. After hit Workout and you’re all set! It will not affect the workout at all. :slight_smile:

Ride On!

Thanks, all!

you could also tweek your workout by customising it. There is a little icon you can click to duplicate a workout then you can do whatever you want. (that’s what I do to set specific zone)