Custom workouts and FTP

Hi there, I created a few custom workouts when i took my first FTP test. I edit the workout in watts (instead of % of FTP) as that makes more sense to me. I’ll update the workouts from run to run depending on how it feels and how my target HR matched my actual HR.

Being a total noob I assume my FTP will increase a lot next time I test it. So I just tried increasing it, and it seems all my workouts are changed as well. This does not make sense at all to me. I get that it’s nice to make your workouts follow your FTP so that workouts can be matched to anyones FTP, but isn’t there a way to tell Zwift not to update my workouts when my FTP changes?

Suddenly giving all my workouts an increase of 20 watts (or whatever) will basically make them useless to me…

Workouts are based on FTP not watts.

What program do you use to create a workout?

Is this for running or cycling?

I am just using Zwift’s own custom workout creator.

It is cycling. There should really be a checkbox when you create the workout to indicate if you want the workout to be updated when your FTP changes.

There is no need to change the workout, you can use the workout bias button to make it harder or easier during the workout.

I didn’t know that there was such a thing. Nice. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t really use the Zwift Companion app while I’m training at the moment, and in any case I adjust my overall workout after training.

Wouldn’t the easiest be to just not change your FTP in Zwift (or change it back if it does update itself)? Your TSS score at the end of the ride would be incorrect but I don’t think you see that anywhere other than the ride summary page so you could just ignore it.

Bias is a GREAT feature often overlooked by many.

If you don’t ride often, your daily FTP will certainly sway a lot, and being new, it will change quite often too (and workouts will not change your FTP, only freerides and races will).

Personally, I wouldn’t be adjusting your FTP in your profile; and workouts are meant to hit Zones, not watts; this is by design.
Ignore power, focus on zones.

The whole bias thing is really meant to adjust on the fly if you’re feeling good/bad at that time.

An example for me is days I’m not sure what to do and end up doing a custom workout that’s Z2 or Z4 focused; and I’ll use workout bias to hit a target HR (since you can’t really do HR based zones due to… a complex multitude of reasons) but you can kind of simulate it with workout bias.
So say I got a lot of rest, but want a good Z2 ride, I may be up, capable of 10w on power, and sitting 5-8bpm lower; so I’ll push the bias up.

But your “FTP” and watts capable really changes daily, and through the day. So it’s not worth focusing on power numbers specifically. (see my example above about my Z2 some days being upwards of 10w higher)

(mostly ignore hyperlink title; see bottom of page)

That is probably the easiest thing to do. I don’t think I’ll ever use other peoples workouts and since that is (afaics) the only reason for having the FTP in Zwift I can just keep mine at some random level…

Does the FTP (in Zwift) change when I take an FTP test?

Good points, Andrew. In the ~3 weeks I have been training I see a variation of ~3-4 bpm at set power levels for my workout. But again, I’m adjusting after every workout. I will try to see if I can adjust the bias (only problem is that I change to Youtube for music on the phone after starting the workout, so I can’t use the companion app, as that turns off the music).

Check the link I provided; you can adjust the bias via the popup action menu on all devices.

If you’re 3 weeks into this, then yes, expect your abilities to alter dramatically; and some workouts don’t do the best at counter-acting this (again because they’re FTP based, and without anything to check your changing FTP… they go nowhere)

So I definitely would recommend fitting in a race for example at the end of each week; unless you really love FTP tests (most don’t; and races are more encouraging in my opinion)

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Ah! Didn’t see that! Will try on my next workout!