I need some training advice/FTP auto update

Good evening all!

Just a quick question, Zwift recently updated my FTP after I conducted one of the workouts “Tractor Pulls”.

Picture paints a thousand words so see graph below (lap in pink). Essentially the workout had a set of intervals that required me to do 113% FTP at 55rpm for 1 minute, followed by 94% FTP at 90rpm for 1 minute, ten times through so a total of 20minutes.

This led to my 20minute peak performance being 199w so my FTP has been bumped up from 185w to 190w.

So the question is, should I update it? I feel because of the nature of the workout (low rpm) I should just void it. I really wasn’t blowing that hard like I would in a FTP test, my legs were obviously in some discomfort it was tough, but nothing compared to a test.

My main reason I feel to void it, is because if I was to do this test in a couple of days with the new FTP my FTP will just update, and again and again and again until eventually I fail the workout.

I am a massive amateur to cycling especially understanding how cadences effect workouts apart from the obvious the lower the harder on the legs :rofl: … so any advice on training or rpm matters is also appreciated!

I think they key to using FTP to track progress is consistency, always use the same test (and even then you can get quite a difference in numbers if you’re having an especially good or bad day). Having said that, I prefer the 1h test myself. I’ve noticed that both the 20min and ramp-test gives me slightly too high estimates.

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I only update my FTP when it is auto-detected in race conditions entailing a one-hour duration effort. I know then the number will be accurate, as there will be no extrapolation from lesser durations, and also know that it will likely be more realistically challenging me, because the data arises from an actual event in which I am pulling hardest.

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I think Zwift still uses the best 20min even if the one hour data is available.

I would say use the 190w ftp, the difference is small enough that it won’t have a huge impact.

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I’m not so sure (though that’s the scuttlebutt)… as my FTP increases during the past two months have only occurred under the conditions outlined, though I’ve participated in workouts and training activities of a nature similar to the thread’s description that, if true, would’ve resulted in similar changes. Anyhow, regardless of the algorithm, I certainly want my FTP to reflect my best pulls, and these generally occur under race conditions that I’ve specifically prepared for.


Thanks for all of your responses!

I will change it up, as @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ says it is a very minor change. Plus… I am definitely overdue a proper FTP test and this has motivated me to get one knocked out. I havent raced yet and rarely free ride so I think I need to give a race a go!

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Big group events generally turn into races and it is easy to find a bunch riding at what ever target you are looking to achieve. Hanging with a groupetto is a very compelling “carrot” to draw the best out of me.

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