Custom workouts change when FTP does...

Hi good people of Zwiftland!

Been riding zwift for a year and a half and  I guess it is time for me to learn it.

I have set up a bunch of custom workouts with different kinds of inteval training. However every so often after races my FTP jumps up a notch so and this automatically alters my workouts so that each of my intervals is higher on the wattage.

How can i make sure my workouts DO NOT change even if my FTP does.

There are reasons for why I don’ want an automatic raise of my wattage in training. Please tell me this is possible.

I believe when you get the notification from Zwift that your FTP has gone up you have the option not to have it change (I don’t remember exactly what is says). You could remember what it is and manually change it after it if by chance it does change.

Thx Paul!

That is correct, it is what I did last time actually. But I mean is there no point of having the correct FTP? I must say I would think it should be possible to choose if you want a new FTP to change all your workouts.

I think what you are requesting is to have set power numbers for your custom workouts and not have them based on your current FTP setting (power zones based on % of FTP) or to have custom workouts not be affected by changes to your FTP.

At the moment neither of those are possible, not saying it won’t be available in the future though.

I do like the idea of having custom workouts having different “rules”.


That is excactly what I am asking… So just get it implemented and I’ll be good to go!

It is automatic