ERG keeps disengaging

Hi! For the last 3-4 days, I can’t train with ERG. It is first enabled, then my avatar stops pedaling and ERG disengages. I keep pedaling and ERG tries to engage again but it keeps disengaging. I can train without ERG though. Does anyone have the same problem?

Which trainer? How is it paired? What are you running the game on?

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I have a Wahoo Kickr. I have the latest game version I believe (1.51.0). Paired with my Macbook (bluetooth). I also switched to my iPhone but same problem. Thanks Paul!

Test it in an ERG mode workout in the Wahoo Fitness app. If that fails then you need support from Wahoo. When you are free riding, do you feel resistance changes from the trainer that coincide with the terrain? (Wondering if the controllable pairing is getting interrupted.) I also keep an ANT+ dongle for my mac ($20) that I mostly use for troubleshooting occasional Bluetooth issues. I would suspect Bluetooth interference, except it doesn’t make sense that it would work any better when you’re not using ERG mode.

I had this occur the other day. I adjusted the bias from the companion app during a workout. Then ERG mode would not reengage. Tapping on the incline button showed it switch to ERG mode but it would immediately switch back to incline. I’m on a Zwift Hub paired through the companion app on an Android phone. Zwift is running on a PC.