Zwift ERG issues

I continue to have an issue where Zwift’s erg mode does not work. It’s destroyed multiple workouts this week. It seems to me to be an issue in the Zwift code where it reads the elevation of the terrain and not the inputs of the workout to send the correct signal to the trainer.

I was not shifting gears, my phone was in airplane mode, the laptop was 5 feet from the trainer, etc. I tried calling support, but what support is only open 10-6 pst? How many people workout in the morning on the east coast and lose a whole day cause support isn’t open for another 3-5 hours?!

Hello @David_Peterson1, welcome to the forums.

How are you connecting to the laptop (Windows 10 I assume), bluetooth or ANT+?? Also, what smart trainer do you use?

Thanks for the welcome, Mike.

Windows 10, BT, connected to wahoo kickr

Do you have the brand new Kickr with the latest firmware? Seems to be some reports of this ever since the firmware update.

Not sure if there is a solution yet, but you can try ANT+ and see if that works. You will need an ANT dongle for your laptop and probably a USB extension cable.

That does not seem right. Did you pair the trainer as power source and controllable? Was the workout a free ride block?

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Thanks, Mike, I do have the latest Kickr and updated firmware, but I was having this issue prior to the update as well.

I looked through the forums and I’ve seen multiple trainers having issues with Zwift. Given the riding experience, it is really looking like a code issue with Zwift.

I am on the phone with Wahoo now to see what they say. I may try another riding platform in the meantime and see if the issue is resolved.

No it was not a free ride. It was a programmed workout. I’ve experienced the same thing in Zwift made workouts and workouts i’ve built.

Free ride always works well.

do you have another device connecting to the trainer it sound like the controllable part is not responding. Bluetooth is a 1 to 1 connection if something else is connected to the trainer controllable section than Zwift cant control it.

No, the only other device would be my phone, which i had in Airplane mode.

When riding this morning the watts were continuously 25 under the target no matter how fast i pedaled. Once Zwift had a hill starting the watts immediately spiked in no relation to the workout.

I approached this from another angle thanks to Gerrie’s question. I turned the laptop completely off and used only my phone. That seems to have resolved the issue. It’s the not solution I want, but it seems to have me riding. Thank you everyone for the help.