ERG Mode Disappearing


I have a Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer (the new, 2016 version).  I am using it with Zwift, on a powerful laptop with an ANT+.

All seemed fine, until I had to stop mid-workout for a minute.  When I recommenced riding, ERG seems to have stopped, and it’s impossible to get my cadence up to a decent level without hitting about 550W (which is not sustainable for me).  Once it starts this, nothing can get ERG back to working, not even exiting and re-starting the program.

I note that, when I pair my Kickr, it gives me two choices (in both the “power source” and “controllable trainer” boxes):  “Kickr 29107,” and “Wahoo FE-C 29107.”  I had selected “Wahoo FE-C 29107” for one of them, but when I changed that so that both are “Kickr 2907,” it seems to work as it should–ERG is lost when I stop, but easily regained when I pedal at a steady state for a few seconds.

Does it actually matter which I pair with?  Any other thoughts?

Good question - I’ve noticed you lose ERG mode when doing a workout component that you can’t maintain - I’m not sure how to re-enter ERG mode for that segment. It’d be nice if someone could explain if

  1. There is a way to re-engage ERG mode

  2. If there is a way to decriment/increment the power for a segment in a workout.  Let’s say you’re doing a 3min 300w segment and it’s just a bit too much… you want to pop it down to 290w or vice versa - can this be done?  It might be a way to solve the question posted above (you reduce the targetted power - get cadence under control and then bump it back up again)…