Bluetooth issue Feb 21

After the last significant Zwift update I have had continued Bluetooth connection and signal dropout. The interim update improved the Bluetooth issue, but it still continues on HR or Cadence. It’s wrong that Zwift beta tests products on paying customers. It’s sub standard and many sessions of training have been compromised and or lost.

Thanks for the warning from the future that the ~Feb 21 update will result in issues. If you could provide more details about your setup, it might help those of us in the past to avoid the same problem you have encountered.


Wahoo kickr, wahoo cadence and wahoo tickr with iPad Pro. Worked perfectly up until the Jan update. Now has Bluetooth issues, can see devices or finds then and then has signal dropout and app can’t be used. Tried all trouble shooting, with hard restarts, reinstalled the app. Just no good enough that you pay for a service that doesn’t work

Still the same intermittent issue with Bluetooth connections and signal dropout. iPad Pro, Kickr, TickR, Wahoo Cad. Often 2 devices connect and third can be found, when searched for the signal on the kickr and cadence drops out, restarts sometimes helps, but often repeated issue and when trying to search devices they can’t be found or if found no signal. Often only connect two devices power and hr or power and cadence. This has been happening since the Jan update, things seems to be a little more settled after Feb update, but same issues continue. This has left me with a inconsistent training regime, often leaving the app unusable. Substandard!!! And I pay for this dismal service

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