Android Companion app "map" not working


Since last release (around September 20th) it looks like my Companion app doesn’t synchronize properly with Zwify running on my laptop.
Although I can choose and join events from the app and it is transmitted to the laptop, it seems like the app never notices I’m zwifting and so never display the map.
I therefore cannot pick a road, use a power up, turn around or give kudos, which makes the app pretty useless in game.
I’ve erased it, put it back on my tablet, but nothing changes.

Anyone experiencing the same ?



Have a read of this from the other day, it’s probably the same problem: Zwift Companion App not working/working intermediately

On Android you’re looking for Smart Network Switch or similar, in the wi-fi settings. On my phone it’s called Wi-Fi Assistant. Try disabling that.


Thank you.

WiFi-Assist (scroll to bottom)

That’s iOS. :wink:

Many thanks for the answer ! It works now