Companion app problem

After the latest 3.0 android companion app update, the “game” screen no longer works. The screen is just blank. All of the other screens work fine, and the various buttons on the map screen work… just no map. All of these were working fine prior to the update, and I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I use this on a relatively cheap tablet, but like I said, It worked fine before.

I have the same problem. Using a Samsung A6.

Problems also since the last update of the Android 3.0 companion app, unable to connect with a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. As well as the photos taken during the session and after for the statistics are not recorded despite the effect taken of the picture on the screen and the sound.

Have the same problem with iPhone. No map. It says «loading» during the entire workout.

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Yes, identical problem on my Android phone. Started yesterday which was my first ride with the updated companion software

I’m also having companion app problems.
Main screens ok but subsections at individual rider level will always make app crash.

Please look into these problems Zwift.
New part looks good but the app is not working properly.


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I am having the same issue with Companion running on my Samsung Tab4 running Android 5.1.1. The map won’t display. Real time sensor data does show on the map page so communication from the main game machine to the companion Tab4 is working. I had no problems at all until the 3.0 Upgrades. Anyone figure out to solve this?

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I have a feeling that my iPhone problem is due to the fact that my iphone5 has
iOS 10.3.3 whereas the current version is 12.
The iPhone 5 is at its limit and I don’t think the new app works fully with it.

Ride On.

To follow up on my own post - maps starting working again. Not sure what I did or what was different.

Same problem on my iphone. All screens work on companion app except MAP. The problem is random, sometimes works but most of the time doesn’t. Just gives me the white screen that says “connecting”.