Companion App Android

Hello, I have not been able to utilize the Companion App “GAME”. The game has not worked in a very long time. I can not access anything in the game version. No messaging, no ride on and most importantly no map. Can someone fix this please? My phone is a Samsung S10 but it hasn’t worked on other phones either.

Hi @Kyra_Fitzgerald_PACK, welcome to the forums. Is your phone on the same wifi network as the device that is running Zwift? This is required for the companion app to “talk” to the game. What device do you use to run Zwift?

Hi @Kyra_Fitzgerald_PACK

You have to check you network settings. Both need to be on the same Wifi.

I have found that sometimes your wifi router will give different IP settings that can make the Zwift Companion not see the game. I have set my phone and pc’s to static IP addresses to fix this.


Thanks All! That seemed to be the problem. :grin:

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