Can't use companion app


(John Borderick) #1

Hello, Please forgive me I’m new on zwift and not very techie to boot!
I’ve got zwift installed on my android tv box and it seems to work fine. I’ve got the companion app installed on my Galaxy s8. They are on the same network although it’s via an access point router set up in a man cave in the garden, don’t know if there’s any issues here?

I can’t get off the home ZC homepage to control the game, any ideas

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey John, sorry Zwift Companion is giving you trouble! Have you tried turning on your Zwift Companion first, then starting a ride on Zwift and see if your companion app changes screens?

(John Borderick) #3

Thanks for getting back to me Vincent,

Just double checked, done as you suggest and it doesn’t solve the problem

(John Borderick) #4

Solved it, the game hardware and ZC hardware had some constablity issues. Now I’m finally up and riding would it be possible to start my free trial from now? Just so I can give it a full test before purchase