Ethernet ATV and Wireless Companion?

Maybe a dumb question, but… for years I’ve just plugged my ATV into my router via ethernet and run Companion on my iPhone on wireless (of course)!. But recently Companion stopped working. Of course when I unplug the ethernet and pick up ATV on the same network name it works. But the wired connection is much more reliable. Zwift says make sure both Zwift and Compaion are on the same network… but ATV network connection simply says ETHERNET. How do I get these on the same network? Did anything change recently at Zwift that caused my old reliable setup to stop working?

I run my ATV on wired internet and Companion on my iPad all the time. No issues at all. My best guess is that your WiFi signal may not be great where you are Zwifting, and your phone is not always actually on your WiFi, but using the ‘cellular assist’ functionality (which would mean the phone is actually not connected to your WiFi). You might try turning off the cellular assist on your phone, or just turning off the cellular altogether, while you are Zwifting and see if this makes any difference.


Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. The setup that doesn’t work uses an iPad (WiFi model only) to run Companion. And its a little messier but I didn;t go into the detail. I have 2 identical side by side setups. Mine runs Companion just fine on my iPhone. My partner’s iPad setup is the troublesome one. Can’t figure out why one is flawless and the other just stopped running Companion…had been working for at least a year trouble free. quite a mystery. deleted and reinstalled both Zwift ATV app and the Companion app. Maybe I’ll just give up and run hers off wireless for both…that seems to work…the main reason I went to ethernet was I found erg mode more responsive that way… but maybe the compromise is OK… just a puzzle I’d like to solve…

You can try to manually assign ip addresses to the phone and atv.

Did you restart you router and modem?

Yes. I restarted both. How would manually assigning IP address help? What would I select? They need to be unique addresses, no? Sounds worth trying