Companion App Crashing

I use a newer iPad, companion app starts up and then just disconnects. I’ve reinstalled the app, confirmed I’m on the right wireless router, and seem to have covered the basics. This started happening after the most recent ios update this week. Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes? Thanks!

I had the same thing happen today on an iPhone. At first it wasn’t updating the Zwifters near me, then it stopped following my activity. Luckily I was using ATV, so didn’t lose my session. Rebooted the phone, restarted the app, nothing seemed to help it. Hopefully they put a fix out for this is it’s more widespread.

A few items to check:

If your device also receives and cellular signal (like the phone), either turn off the cellular signal while Zwifting or, at least, turn off WiFi assist.

If you haven’t already done do, change your WiFi router settings to use a specific channel (generally 1 or 11) instead of looking for the best channel.

Make sure you’re holding your mouth right. :crazy_face:

You hit onto something that is important. In order for the companion app to work while using Zwift on an ATv or computer, the phone/iPad needs to be on the same router as the computer/ATv. Occasionally my iPhone will connect to a different router (we have two routers in our house since the signal from a single router won’t reach all 10,000 sq ft or out to the tennis courts)

I wish I could say I felt sorry for you. :joy::joy::joy:

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