Companion Not Connecting

I’ve not been able to connect my companion app to the game for a couple of days. Running game app on ATV and companion on iPhone. Everything is on latest versions incl. yesterday’s apple version updates. Removed and reinstalled companion. Both on same network and same passwords.
Is anybody having the same issue. I believe it’s been an issue since the last game update 1.48.1.
Any idea what to do to resolve? Thanks

No widespread reporting of this.

Obviously it’s important to double check that bother are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Other fixes have been to reboot your router.

And most of the time it magically starts working again just as quick as it stopped working.

Tried running Zwift app on iPad and Companion app on iPhone and all works fine, however it still doesn’t work when I run Zwift app on ATV. All on same network, profiles, passwords etc.