Companion App doesn't connect to game

Companion App on Android phone stopped connecting to the game since I took AppleTV update 2/21. Came back to it today 2/24 & same issue.

I’m a longtime Zwifter with a historically very stable setup. Nothing else about my setup has changed recently.

Happened to me this week when my phone automatically downloaded the zwift companion update. Everything was working fine for 1.5 months and boom, HR starts saying “no signal” even though it’s pairing and reading my heart rate :roll_eyes: the fact they charge money and have the audacity to have this issue for this many years

Last week I rebooted my 5G router & mesh nodes and the Companion app started working again…until yesterday. Now it won’t connect to the game again. :unamused: I rebooted everything, still no connection. This is really frustrating.

I’m having issues logging in with the companion app, it’s rejecting my log on details, works with 5g but not via WiFi, was working fine until I updated the other day