Companion not working on wired connected Apple TV?

Hi. I’ve been using Zwift for a couple of rides now. Running through Apple TV 4K. Apple TV is connected with Ethernet cable because the wireless connection is not stable.
Now I’ve been trying to use the Companion app with iPhone, but can’t connect my Kickr.
I read that Apple TV and iPhone needs to be on the same network.
I managed to get it working when I removed the Ethernet cable, but as I said, my wifi is not stable enough to confide in it.
So there is no possibility to connect the companion app when the Apple TV is wired?

Still should work as long as the game and Companion are on the same network and see one another, it doesn’t matter what the connection type is. I’m using PC on ethernet and Companion app works fine on wifi, Apple TV should be no different.

My guess would be this is the issue. If your iPhone is connecting via wifi and you state your Wifi isn’t stable your iPhone is probably switching between wifi and cellular. The companion app will only work if it is on the same internet router the second it switches to cellular it will lose connection to the game.

You can try putting your phone in airplane mode with only wifi connected or turn of cellular data in settings while you are zwifting.

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I tried this. Turned off mobile data. And when Apple TV and phone were on the same network, I had it working. But when I plugged in the Ethernet cable, the phone symbol in the upper left corner had the warning triangle again.

Any reason you’re not just connecting your Kickr directly to the Apple TV?

No reason. That way it works fine. But I wanted to try and get it to work with the companion app.
Also I don’t know if the companion app works during events (with map, chat, etc…) when it’s not connected that way. Or do you just need to be on the same account in that case?

If you can pair your devices direct then you should do so. The Companion app still works in terms of the map, chat etc, it’s not related to how your devices are connected in any way. Obviously still needs to be on the same network to switch to the live game mode.

Just to confirm, my Apple TV is on wired Ethernet and my ZC works fine. Might be something to do with your router keeping the wired network slightly apart from the wifi?

You have more luck than I do. :wink:
Although the ride today I couldn’t connect with ZC. The ride before, same, but after 10 minutes into the event ZC went into game mode, and stayed till the end.
Strange behaviour.

But thanks everyone for the help. I’ll try to get a more stable connection if I can’t get it to work properly.