Zwift mobile link app and Bluetooth

Experiencing issues with connection between pc and the mobile link app to pair devices. Have been using flawlessly for 4 months but last 2 days i have been unable to get a bluetooth signal on the pairing screen. Have deleted the app and uninstalled, restarted both devices, restarted the wifi device, ensured both are onthe same network and both signed in with the same account. Still nothing. Yesterday it worked 2 minutes before I quit after doing nothing different. Have tried today for 40 minuets.

There are issues on Zwift’s end, here is another thread about the issue:


Same issue for me too and i have report it to the support

Same here since yesterday, tried everything, uninstalled everything, reset my network etc. I was riding for 5 minutes and then Zwift logged me out, after I couldn’t connect in any way.


Just came here to post the same thing. I tried Zwift on my ipad and it works, but the mobile link will not pair with my PC which is my normal way of using Zwift. Very frustrating.

Mobile link not working anymore for me either. Was working fine yesterday…

Here is a link that could help and where updates will be posted about the issue:

Same here. Mac + ZML

I found this work around for this new bug. Your mileage may vary.

  1. start the mobile app

  2. start Zwift on PC/mac

  3. start a workout

  4. click on the screen, menu and go to pairing sensors

  5. the sensors should pair like it used to

Go back to your workout. Hope that works for some people. I’m running windows 10 and this work around seems to do the trick for me. Hopefully Zwift will fix the bug soon.

Same issues here.  Unfortunately, without the Mobile Link, I’m dead in the water since my trainer (Kurt Kinetic) has Bluetooth output only.  Workarounds have not worked for me.