Zwift Mobile Link on iPhone 7- Will not connect to any devices via Bluetooth

I have the following setup:


iPhone 7 running 10.3.3 (haven’t updated to IOS 11 yet)


Wahoo heart rate strap

On my phone, the *Zwift app* will connect just fine via Bluetooth with my Kickr and HRM. And, it is more reliable than the bluetooth connection to my Macbook, which drops a lot. (Macbook is old. I am thinking it is my Macbook.)

However, the *Mobile Link* app on my iPhone will not connect to any Bluetooth device. Seems odd as the Zwift app on the exact same phone does it just fine and reliably. I have made sure that the Zwift app is not running on anything when I launch the Mobile Link. The light on the trainer is blinking blue, so it is not connected to anything when I launch the Mobile Link app. I also pedal a bit to make sure it is woken up and discoverable.

I have read over the online help articles many times and done the things it said, like turn off mobile data, etc. But, I think most of these articles are geared towards the laptop Zwift application and the Mobile Link app not communicating over wifi. I’m having a bluetooth issue with devices not pairing with Mobile Link.

If I launch my laptop’s Zwift application, the Mobile LInk app sees it and changes from the Home screen to the map screen. So, the two apps are talking over my wifi network. However, neither device will connect to my trainer or HRM via Bluetooth. (Again, they will both connect via the plain Zwift app.) Also, the Zwift app on the laptop never changes to the phone icon, it still shows the bluetooth listening symbol. (Maybe because the Mobile Link app never connected to any devices?)

Am I the only one? Why in the world would the Zwift app connect fine via Bluetooth to all devices whereas the Mobile Link app on the same phone won’t connect? 

And, yes, I have the BLE set to on for connecting Bluetooth in the Mobile Link app. I’ve tried toggling it on/off a few times to get it to work.

I would just get a ANT+ dongle and a USB extension to connect your trainer and HRM to your Mac, it is a much more reliable way of connecting. You can still use the ZML for other functions.

Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I was thinking of trying the ANT+Dongle angle. Just wasn’t sure it was any better or if I was just doing something stupid. Glad to hear that connecting that way is more reliable than Bluetooth.

Additionally, if you’re using a Mac, it looks like it’s trying to connect via NATIVE Bluetooth instead of via ZML? Can you upload a screenshot of your pairing screen?

And, for sure, the phone is on the same WiFi network as your computer?

Hi, Eric. Yes, it is trying to connect via the native Bluetooth. (So far, my luck with the native Bluetooth in my laptop isn’t great. Drops.) However, if I click on the gear icon in the upper right in the app, I can ask it to connect via ZML. Then, I get the phone icon on the pairing screen. I tried that and the ZML app still doesn’t seem to connect to any bluetooth devices and the pairing still won’t happen. The ZML app doesn’t show a HR or wattage. I double checked and the iPhone and laptop are both on the same network and seem to be talking as the ZML app dependably changes to the map or home screen, depending on whether I have the Zwift application open or closed on my laptop. Just the ZML app has no numbers . . . And, the Kickr’s blue bluetooth light continues to flash . . .  What is weird is that I have no problems via the iOS Zwift app. I can get the laptop Zwift app to work on its own, but it does drop the Bluetooth connection at times. I can try to send some screen shots from tomorrow’s ride.