Can't switch from Bluetooth to Mobile Link on Zwift

 I used to be able to change views, directions, and skip blocks with my iphone while I ride. Now I can’t get Zwift on my Mac to go from Bluetooth to the Mobile Link since the update. I can still ride but being able to control the ride through my iPhone is even better! 



Ignore my help message! I finally figured it out!

Diana! How did you fix it? I can’t get my mobile app to work despite being paired with my mac!

Hey Caz! I deleted the mobile app from my phone and reinstalled it. I also made sure my phone was on wifi so that it was on the same network as my computer (which it wasn’t so I don’t know which actually worked)! And it finally worked.

What I did notice is that on the computer and the window with the pairing, the wifi symbol was radiating and not a phone but the phone showed all the usual buttons I wanted to use. Weird…