Mobile Link won't work with iOS Zwift App

I can’t seem to get Mobile Link to work with the new iOS Zwift app. I am using two iOS devices, one running the Zwift app and connected to a TV 15’ away via lightning HDMI, and the other on the bike running Mobile Link.

The Mobile Link on the bike can see the Zwift app running on the other device, but it can’t see any sensors or receive their data. The sensors are all paired directly to the Zwift app device, so on the pairing screen, I only see the Bluetooth flashing thingy and not the mobile phone flashing thingy.

I ensured both iOS devices are on the same WiFi network.

What am I missing?

I was just going to give up and then thought try something. I thought maybe with native BLE connection to the Zwift iOS app, it wouldn’t need the Mobile Link connection, and perhaps the sensors are not suppose to show up in Mobile Link.

Looks like I was right. I started a ride and got data showing up on Mobile Link. What threw me off was the fact that Mobile Link was not showing any data prior to actually starting the ride on the Zwift iOS app. Guess it makes sense since ML is just acting as pretty much a data mirror in this scenario.