Maps and messaging in Mobile Link

 Anybody using the new version of Mobile Link? I’ve downloaded the latest from the app store, but I don’t see any options for maps and messaging :frowning:

Are you going to tell me my IOS is too old…?

You have to wait a bit for it to sync up and get its act together. You then get some additional screens from the main menu screen. Plus of course you have to have Zwift running on another device (otherwise you won’t get the maps and messaging).

I have the same problem.

I’m confused by the interaction of the Mobile Link App on iOS & Zwift on PC.
I use a PC running the Zwift application for linking my bikes sensors to the Internet. I also have the Mobile Link App on my iPhone. The implication is that you can use the Mobile Link App whilst Zwifting to look at a map, send messages & interact with other riders etc. But all I see on my mobile link app is the basic ‘Events’, ‘Activities’, Goals selection at the bottom of the screen. In short nothing changes on the mobile link app whether I’m Zwifting or not. I’m confused about how the Mobile Link App is supposed to work in combination with a PC running the actual Zwift application.


You need to make sure your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi as your PC.

Yeah, I forgot that you had to have Zwift running at the same time as the mobile link. Also your PC must have Bluetooth Low Energy BLE. For instance, I can’t run the mobile link with my 2009 MacBook Pro because it doesn’t have BLE


The ZML connects to the Zwift app over WiFi, not BLE. Your PC doesn’t even need Bluetooth for it to make the link as long as they are on the same Wifi/Network (you can have the PC connect via a network cable and the phone via Wifi and it will make the connection).

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments.

my problem was that I was not using the same network for my PC & my iPhone. Once I did, it works fine! 

See you on the (virtual) road :slight_smile:

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